XF-Perspective Glasses For Marked Playing Cards

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    Brands Name:- SRT Cheating Products

    Model Number:- P24161752009745

    Product Code:- MCG008

    Contact:- +91-9540509484

    Email Id:- srtcardshop@gmail.com

    Cash on Delievery:- Available

    Shipping:- 2-3 Working Days

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Perspective marked card glasses are made by original royal plastic cards. This cards are used in party gambling, private casino and can used by magicians. The markings on the cards can be visible clearly. By wearing the perspective glasses user can win every card game without getting detected.

Tips for XF-Perspective Glasses for Marked Playing Cards

For better results use cheating cards perspective glasses in white light, especially in energy saving lights.

These are the best way to trick in all card games

How to use:

 Just put the marked cards on the table
 Wear the perspective marked cards
 And can see the pattern very clearly



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