Wrist Band Poker Marked Playing Cards Scanner Camera

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    Brands Name:- SRT Cheating Products

    Model Number:- XF-034

    Product Code:- MCS033

    Contact:- +91-9540509484

    Email Id:- srtcardshop@gmail.com

    Cash on Delievery:- Available

    Shipping:- 2-3 Working Days

    Support:- 24/7 Online and Offline Support


Cheating cards wristband device is a device which you can wear on your sleeves under your clothes to prevent any chances of getting caught by other card players. To scan the cards with this device user can have to shuffle the cards and take them in and in a way that they lie direct in front of the camera so that the camera can scan the marking easily on the cards. It offers the most accurate and exact information of the cards to the poker analyzers. Different types of poker analyzer can be used with the wristband marked playing cards device.For longer use of the batteries you can turn off and turn on this device using the remote control.


Material: Plastic
Color of the Device: Black
Scanning Range of the Device: 10-15 Cm
Scanning Speed of the Device: 0.1s
Camera Device Type: Hand Camera



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