Best Use of Playing Cards Scanners

Use of mobile phone poker analyzer has rapidly increased in last few years which have lead to the formation of the secret playing cards scanner. These scanners are our customized products with a secret lens fitted inside to scan the bar codes and secret invisible markings on the cards. These lenses are very tiny and can’t be spotted by anyone in the playing area. These lenses have a wide scan covering range which helps in easily scanning all the cards placed on the table. These devices can be easily placed at any place without getting caught by anyone. This device is easy to use for playing all poker and casino games.

User can easily receive the scanned card information from his friend watching the live view of the table in the other room using wireless earpiece or wireless vibrator devices. User can directly connect these devices with the wireless earpiece or wireless vibrator devices to know the games result. Playing cards scanner app is designed with the latest technology which makes this app invisible in the user’s phone and can’t be detected by anyone. This app opens only by dialing a special code on the dialer. Playing cards scanner app to use these devices is very easy to operate for everyone. Any card game can be easily set before playing card games. User can easily use the remote control provided with the device to control the device with wireless connection. Playing cards scanner price is very low at SRT Card shop than the market.

Wireless Marked Cards Cheating Devices

SRT Card shop is the leading wireless cards cheating devices shop with variety of wireless cheating devices available for wholesale prices. These devices are ideal for winning any card game easily. Wireless marked cards cheating devices are manufactured using the high quality material with longer lasting capabilities. Scanner fitted in these devices is very rapid fast and quick responsive. Wireless cards cheating devices provides the exact information of the cards with the result of the game to the user. Wireless cards cheating devices also help user in playing local Indian card games like teen patti, cut patta, maang patta, andar bahar, kheech patta and many more. Players in the opposition will never be able to trace you while you use these cards for cheating in card games. Variety of permanent fix and body worn cheating devices are available at the wireless cards cheating device shop for very attractive prices. User can wear body worn cheating devices and go anywhere without getting anyone’s attention.

Best Price Playing Cards Cheating Devices

Varieties of low price playing cards cheating devices are available in the market with very low quality which doesn’t work as promised. SRT Card shop offers best quality playing cards cheating devices which guarantee you success in game of cards. To use the playing cards cheating devices user doesn’t need much knowledge of the card games as these devices offer result of the game instantly. SRT Card shop has launched the lowest playing cards cheating devices prices in the market. Along with the low playing card cheating device price we also offer one year warranty. We also have special playing card cheating device price for online payments.


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