White Efficient Light Led Bulb Casino Cheating Devices

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    Product Code:- WCD004

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Here we’ll come with the latest cheating device, this help user to win card game without any suspicion. The latest LED bulb cheating device scan all card with the help of small camera installed in it.


Color of LED: White
Diameter: 16 cm
Operating Time: Uninterrupted Power Supply
Voltage used: 220V
Operating Method: Wireless Remote Control to Turn On and Turn Off
Marked Invisible Playing Cards varieties: Infrared, laser, Orange Marking, New Ink


1. There is no need to put any poker cheating device on the table
2. This poker cheating system can scan the whole suit of marked cards
3. White LED casino device can transmit the information with the range of 1 KM
4. High capacity of the battery system and can play more than 150 games
5. We use the special infrared camera to in the see invisible marking on paper and plastic cards both


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Gamble cheat in all poker games
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