Tissue Box Poker Cards Scanner Cheating Device

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    Brands Name:- SRT Cheating Products

    Model Number:- XF003001

    Product Code:- MCS028

    Contact:- +91-9540509484

    Email Id:- srtcardshop@gmail.com

    Cash on Delievery:- Available

    Shipping:- 2-3 Working Days

    Support:- 24/7 Online and Offline Support


SRT Card shop specializes in customizing the normal product into the camera scanner devices but we only customize those products which are used by most of the people on the daily bases and don’t attract any suspicions.

We have customized the tissue box into a cheating cards tissue box device with a high quality camera. This camera is able to read the marks on the cards which are not read by the contact lenses or the sunglasses. User can connect this tissue box cheating device with any poker analyzer. Place the tissue box cheating device in the direction of cheating cards on the playing table and it will instantly scan the cards.

Tissue box cards scanner camera has the widest scanning range than any other cheating product. It provides the best results in a scanning range of 25-35cm. You can also get the scanning range increased on special order.



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