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It’s time to become smart and play smart with the latest cheating contact lenses. Light poker cheat contact lenses are very light weight contact lenses which are easy wear for the user. These are used exclusively in all poker games to identify the number and suit of the other player’s cards and predict the result of the game. User can also manipulate the game of cards with these lenses.

When the user wears these lenses the color of the eyes stay same as before wearing these lenses which allows you to use these marked poker cards anytime anywhere without getting caught by anyone. All card games of Indian and International standards are fully supported with these lenses.


1. Safe to use than perspective glasses
2. Makes cheating easy in poker card games
3. Invisible markings on cards become instantly visible
4. All poker games are played with these lenses


Poker tour
Card games cheating
Gambling games cheating
Magic show of cards
Private casino games
Club casino games


1. Are these lenses easy to detect in the eyes?
No these lenses can’t be detected in the eyes as these lenses don’t change eyes color.

2. Which are the most popular color and size of these lenses?
Invisible contact lenses of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm of diameter and transparent, blue, light purple, dark purple, green of pupil color are the most popular contact lenses.

3. How long do these lenses last?
These lenses work amazingly well for almost a year and after a year these lens start to get dull.

4. How to keep these contact lenses safe from wear and tear?
Wear and tear is natural to any product but these lenses can be kept apart from wear and tear by always keeping them in contact lens solution when not in use.

5, How to know which is the most suitable UV contact lenses?
We have a highly experienced sales team which will help you buy the most suitable lens for all your requirements.


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