Playing Cards Collar Scanner Camera Device

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    Brands Name:- SRT Cheating Products

    Model Number:- XF072

    Product Code:- WCD003

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Playing card collar scanner is the device with small scanner installed in it and able to scan in dark room. This is the new technique for the gamblers. The collar card scanner camera will be able to see the making on the cards very clearly with a wide range. There is no need to put poker device on the table.

The small camera scanner is installed in the inner side of the collar so that no one can realize their secret positions. We deals with the other related products at the dealer’s rate with more satisfied quality.

How to use Playing Cards Collar Scanner Camera Device:

1. Wear the Playing card collar camera shirt and connect it with the TV or computer.
2. Turn on the camera with the help of a remote control
3. User just needs a partner in a other room who will tell you about the opponent’s card number
4. So, user will know about all the card number of opponent’s card


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