Playing Card Plastic Lighter Camera Scanner

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    Model Number:- XF-03025

    Product Code:- MCS026

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Variety of poker scanners are available in the market which can be used as alternative cameras to poker analyzers. The poker camera scanners are daily routine use products and latest playing cards scanner lighter device is one such product. The lighter has a inbuilt scanner hidden behind the plastic body of the lighter and can’t be detected. It can do both the things scan the cards as well as light cigarettes at the same time. Playing cards lighter cheating devices is a perfect tool for cheating for every player habitual of smoking while playing as no one will detect him use the lighter as cheating device.

Poker analyzers directly collect the cards bar code information from the cheating cards lighter camera scanner to decode and deeply analyze. Once the analyzing process is done it shares the card game result directly with the user using wireless earpiece or cheating vibrator devices. We recommend the use of our cheating cards lighter device over any other lighter device as it has the super fast scanner camera. Easily turn on and turn off the lighter cheating device with the wireless remote control device.

Package Includes:

1 Lighter
2 Batteries
1 small magnet
1 mini camera

Product Information:

Material: Plastic

Color: Red, Blue, Green

Distance: 40-50cm

Transmitter: 2m


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