Mini Pin Hole Poker Game Monitoring Device

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Mini pin hole poker game device is the kind of device that really helps user to win lots of money in every card game. This is the best device to perform tricks in casinos, house party and in magic show.


Spy Pin Hole Camera Lens is used
Wide range of scanning Area with 1m
Volt: 220v
Application Area: Poker Cheat
Can scan the cards with Scanning Distance 3 Meter
Wireless Remote Control to Turn On and Turn Off

Features of card game mini pinhole device:

Poker game monitoring device can be hidden anywhere like lamp, a water dispenser, a drop light and so on.
This device can be scan marked cards within the range of 3 meter and scanning range is 1meter.
The card game mini pinhole device scans the cards with sharp quality.

Merits of Mini Pin Hole Poker Game Monitoring Device:

Scanning speed is sharp, with this user can win lots of money with short time period.
Due to small size can be hiding easily and also used as spy camera to detect anyone’s activity.


The pin hole monitoring camera lens system contains: -

A pin hole camera lens
A receiver
A transmitter
A pair of earpieces and several decks of marked cards.


Can be used in Magic show of marked playing cards
Poker cheats in cards game
Also used in Private cards cheat
Casino Poker Match


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