Marked Poker Cards Shirt Cheating Device

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    Model Number:- XF-02002

    Product Code:- MCS024

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Marked cards shirt cheating device is an advance technology based camera scanner device. One of the buttons of shirt is customized with a secret scanner which works as a remote camera device. Use can fix this button the front side of the shirt or to the cuff of his shirt. It is a low power consumption device which makes it continuously work for upto 4 hours.

Poker cheating shirt device is used to detect the other player’s cards for making a strong next move. This device can help you make more money as you are always of your cards strength and other player’s card strength. The button camera in the cheating cards shirt device is fully undetectable and untraceable from the other people eyes. Choose the best distance option as per your needs and convenience.

Distance option:

Distance: 8-12cm
Distance: 10-14cm
Distance: 8-15cm


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