Marked Playing Cards T-Shirt Poker Scanner Device

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    Brands Name:- SRT Cheating Products

    Model Number:- XF-0337

    Product Code:- MCS023

    Contact:- +91-9540509484

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    Cash on Delievery:- Available

    Shipping:- 2-3 Working Days

    Support:- 24/7 Online and Offline Support


Age is not a factor when it comes to wearing a t-shirt. Such as all other cheating products we have customized a marked cards t-shirt cheating device in order to easily read all the bar codes on the marked cards. In only a few seconds the poker analyzers finishes analyzing the scanned information and immediately direct the user with the exact information. Poker analyzer is connected with a wireless earpiece used for secretly receiving the information. It is a perfect remote camera assistance device to all types of poker analyzers.

Marked cards t-shirt camera device runs on the powerful batteries which are very easy to replace for everyone. No difference can be detected in the t-shirt poker scanner device once the customization of secret camera scanner is fully finishes. User can wear this t-shirt camera scanner device easily and go anywhere without attracting anyone. Use this device at any place without hesitation for playing card games and making money in card games.

Distance option:

Distance: 6-12cm
Distance: 10-15cm
Distance: 19-29cm
Distance: 30-40cm


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