Magic Trick Blue Invisible Ink Playing Cards Contact Lenses

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Magic blue invisible contact lenses are customized one of the most in demand cheating contact lenses. Users with blue eyes prefer these lenses over other lenses for using with marked cards. These lenses are easy to use everywhere without getting caught by anyone. All card games are fun to play with these blue playing cards contact lenses. Its wide diameter size doesn’t change the pupil of the eyes and color of the eyes stays same as it was before wearing these lenses. Secret markings on marked cards are perfectly seen with these lenses.


1. Safe to use than glasses
2. Easy poker game cheating
3. Clear view of markings on cards
4. Play all kinds of poker games

Tips for using Invisible Cards Magic Contact Lenses:

1. Touch these lenses only with washed hands.
2. These lens provide best results in white light and energy saving light.
3. For comfortably using these lenses wear them at least a few hours before the game.
4. Do not wear these lenses for more than 8 hours.
5. Contact lenses solution helps in keeping these lenses same as new and unaffected of natural wear-tear.


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