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Don’t complicate yourself by looking at wide range of cheating contact lenses available in the market. Shop the latest magic invisible cards contact lenses and play every game with full freedom. Marked cards all over the world are made with luminous printing technology and invisible ink technology. These lenses help you see through every marking on the cards and detect the exact number and suit by decoding the making pattern. User doesn’t even feel these lenses in the eyes when he wears them properly.

Any card game existed on the globe can be played with these card lenses. Magic playing cards contact lenses offer very clear view of markings on the cards. These lenses are one perfect solution for different range of marked cards.

Invisible ink playing cards contact lenses are designed with on the verge of latest technology and made using the very soft HEMA Polymacon material. Once the user properly wears these lenses no one can detect him wearing these lenses to cheat in card games. User can easily see the markings on the cards in the hands of the user as well as cards placed on the table to predict the winner of the game.

We are dealing in the cheating card products for the last 10 years. Our list of customers include Indian and foreign customers. To fulfill all our customer requirements of magic invisible ink contact lenses we provide these lenses in different color and size so that everyone can easily use these lenses and change his fortunes overnight.


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