Infrared Ash Tray PK King S708 Poker Card Reader Analyzer

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In the game of cards you need to have luck on your side all the time or to master every possible trick of the card game to win lots of money. Which is not going to happen all the time, but with the latest infrared ashtray poker cards analyzer you can have tilt the luck on your side as well as can perform any trick of card games without getting caught. It is designed for winning every poker game.

Infrared ashtray poker cards scanner is a very useful remote camera device to connect with poker analyzer and analyze the result of the game. User can use the wireless earpiece or cheating vibrator device to receive the analyzed information. Pre stuffed games like in-out, maang patta, Texas, Omaha and flash are easy to win with the infrared ashtray cheating device.


Material Used: Plastic

Color: Black And Silver

Scanning Distance: About 25-35cm

Scanning Width: About 15cm


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