High Quality Magic Poker Marked Cheating Cards

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    Product Code:- MC001

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SRT Card store is the most reputed poker marked cheating cards dealer with variety of marked cards at dealer prices. We trade and import all types of magic cheating cards from all over the world. We also deal in variety of India based marked cards. Poker marked cheating cards are processed with invisible ink to make secret markings on the back of the cards. These markings are visible only with the magic contact lenses and not with the naked eyes. Markings made with invisible ink are very smooth and no one can feel it on the cards surface. Card games like mahjong, rummy, poker are easy to win using these cards. In looks and appearance these cards look like normal playing cards. These cards come in plastic and normal paper cards.

Marking Styles:

1. Number on corner and suit in the center of the cards
2. Both number and suit on the corner of the cards
3. 6 mini number and suit on corner of the cards


1. How do these cards look after marked with invisible ink?
These cards look exactly like normal cards after printing the markings with the invisible ink technology.

2. How much longer can these cards be used?
These cards can be used effectively for almost a year.

3. What can we do to protect these cards?
These cards should always be kept in a seal box away from water and heat to protect these cards from wear and tear.

4. How can we find the most suitable cheating cards?
Don’t get too intense while buying the cheating cards as our team of sales helps you find the most suitable cheating cards for all types of cards games.



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