Gamble Cheat 6mm UV Marked Cards Invisible Contact Lenses

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    Brands Name:- SRT Cheating Products

    Model Number:- XF02002

    Product Code:- MCL003

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SRT Card store is the leading dealer of gambling cards contact lenses in India with an vast range of lenses designed to fit all color eyes. 6mm UV marked cards contact lenses are the most popular lenses to use in card games for cheating. These lenses support all types of marked cards and luminous technology based cards with secret markings on the back.

Product Details

Color of Lens: Purple
Diameter of Lens: 6mm
Material Quality: HEMA, Polymacon
Use of Application: Casino card games, poker cad games, card magic show, gambling games

Tips for using 6mm UV Marked Cards Contact Lenses

1. Suitable for use under white light and energy saving light.
2. These lenses do not cause any infection to the eyes but these lenses should be worn only after washing hands properly and cleaning.
3. For better use wear these lenses just a few hours earlier so that these lenses adapt properly to the eyes.

Color of the user’s eyes stays same as normal after wearing these lenses and no one can detect it. Instantly after wearing these lenses invisible number and suit on the cards becomes visible very clearly. Games like Omaha, Rummy, Mahjong, Blackjack and other card games are fully supported with these 6mm gamble cheating contact lenses.


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