Dark Purple Invisible Poker Cards Contact Lenses

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    Model Number:- XF02013

    Product Code:- MCL009

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Make a big change in your fortunes with the latest dark purple poker contact lenses. Use these lenses with all types of marked cards to win lots of money. Markings printed with invisible ink and luminous technology can be clearly seen with these lenses. These lenses help you identify each card of other players and then cheat with them using these lenses. All of it happens without the knowledge of anyone as nobody is able to detect these lenses. With these cheating purple contact lenses you can use all plastic paper cards as well as normal paper cards.

Advantages of Using Dark Purple Invisible Cards Contact Lenses

1. Easy to use
2. Safe to use than glasses
3. Marking on the cards seen very clearly
4. Useful in all poker games


1. Can anyone see and detect these lenses in the eyes?
These lenses easily adapt to the color of the eyes without making any changes which makes them completely undetectable in the eyes.

2. What color and size are in the offering at your store?
Diameter: 6mm, 8mm and 9mm
Color: Puple, Blue, Green, Grey

3. Can these lenses be used for lifetime?
No these lenses cannot be used for lifetime. Almost a year after these lenses starts to get a little fade.

4. What can we do to keep this lens safe?
Users are strongly advised to put these lenses only in contact lens solution when not using these lenses to keep them safe.

5, How to select the best UV contact lenses from so many available in the market
Don’t worry about how to select the best UV contact lenses as our sales team in always there to guide and help you in choosing the best UV contact lenses.



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