Black Mans Leather Wallet Playing Card Camera Scanner

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Having a good remote camera with a poker analyzer is very important. The remote camera makes it easy for you to use the poker analyzer without anyone’s information as the remote camera are customized and disguised in the daily routine products used by most of people. A wallet playing cards scanner is such a device which can be found everywhere on the card game table as wallet is most common product to carry money but nowadays it also carries two secret camera scanners inside it.

These camera scanners are fitted in a way that these can cover a long range and provide a good scanning distance to the customer. Wallet playing cards camera scanner is one of the most used remote camera scanner because of its ability to work under others eyes without their knowledge. This marked cards wallet cheating device is very easy to carry wherever you want to take it. It is design with leather material and looks very classic and stylish.

The wallet playing cards camera scanner is powered with the remote batteries which are easy to extract and replace for everyone. User is able to control and command the device using the remote control provided with the device which is very easy to use for everyone. User can use any poker analyzer with this at his will to use this device for cheating in cut patta, maang patta, andar bahar, mahjong, teen patti, blackjack, texas, poker and rummy etc.

Product Information:

Material: Leather
Color: Black
Scanning Range: 20cm-40cm
Battery Backup: 4 Hours


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